Aditya Hridaya Stotra four

Aditya Hridaya Stotra

Naashayaty[i]-Essa Vai Bhuutam Tad-Eva Srjati Prabhuh |
Paayaty[i]-Essa Tapaty[i]-Essa Varssaty[i]-Essa Gabhastibhih ||22||

22.1: (Salutations to Him) He indeed is the Lord Destroying the Beings, and He indeed is the Lord Creating the Beings,
22.2: He drinks (the Water) by His Rays, Heats the Water, and again Rains (the same Water),

एष सुप्तेषु जागर्ति भूतेषु परिनिष्ठितः ।
एष एवाग्निहोत्रं च फलं चैवाग्नि होत्रिणाम् ।। 23।।
वेदाश्च क्रतवश्चैव क्रतूनां फलमेव च ।
यानि कृत्यानि लोकेषु सर्व एष रविः प्रभुः ।।24।।
यही देव सभी भूतों में अन्तर्स्थित होकर उनके सो जाने पर भी जागते रहते हैं, यही अग्निहोत्री कहलाते हैं और अग्निहोत्री पुरुषों को मिलने वाले फल हैं।
ये ही वेद, यज्ञ और यज्ञ से मिलने वाले फल हैं, यह देव सम्पूर्ण लोकों की क्रियाओं का फल देने वाले हैं।।
Essa Suptessu Jaagarti Bhuutessu Parinisstthitah |
Essa Cai[a-E]va-Agnihotram Ca Phalam Cai[a-E]va-Agnihotrinnaam ||23||

23.1 (Salutations to Him) He remains awake when the beings sleep, by abiding within those very beings,
23.2: He indeed is the fruit of the Agnihotra which is sought after by the Agnihotrins (Performers of the Agnihotra),Vedaash-Ca Kratavash-Cai[a-E]va Kratuunaam Phalam-Eva Ca |
Yaani Krtyaani Lokessu Sarva Essa Ravih Prabhuh ||24||

24.1: (Salutations to Him) He indeed is the Vedic Sacrifice, and He indeed is the Fruit of those Sacrifices,
24.2: Whatever works are to be performed in the World, He, the Ravi (Sun God) is the Lord of all those (Being the Power behind),
फलश्रुति (Results of its recitation)

एन मापत्सु कृच्छ्रेषु कान्तारेषु भयेषु च ।
कीर्तयन् पुरुषः कश्चिन्-नावशीदति राघव ।।25।।
पूजयस्वैन मेकाग्रो देवदेवं जगत्पतिम् ।
एतत् त्रिगुणितं जप्त्वा युद्धेषु विजयिष्यसि ।।26।।
राघव! विपत्ति में, कष्ट में, कठिन मार्ग में और किसी भय के समय जो भी सूर्य देव का कीर्तन करता है, उसे दुःख नहीं सहना ( भोगना ) पड़ता।
तुम एकाग्रचित होकर इन जगतपति देवादिदेव का पूजन करो, इसका ( आदित्य हृदय स्तोत्र ) तीन बार जप करने से तुम अवश्य ही युद्ध में विजय पाओगे।।Enam-Aapatsu Krcchressu Kaantaaressu Bhayessu Ca |
Kiirtayan Purussah Kashcin-Na-Avasiidati Raaghava ||25||

25.1: (Salutations to the Sun God) (By Praising) Him during Calamities, during Hardships, in Forests and when Afraid, …
25.2: … By Praising Him no person sinks down (in Despair or Fear), O Raghava (for He fills him with His Power)Puujayasvai[a-E]nam-Ekaagro Deva-Devam Jagat-Patim |
Etat-Tri-Gunnitam Japtvaa Yuddhessu Vijayissyasi ||26||

26.1: (Salutations to the Sun God) By worshipping Him with one-pointed Devotion, by worshipping that Lord of the Devas Who is the Master of the Universe, …
26.2: … by repeating this (Aditya Hridayam) three times, You will be victorious in this Battle (O Rama),

अस्मिन् क्षणे महाबाहो रावणं त्वं वधिष्यसि ।
एवमुक्त्वा तदागस्त्यो जगाम च यथागतम् ।।27।।
एतच्छ्रुत्वा महातेजाः नष्टशोको‌ऽभवत्-तदा ।
धारयामास सुप्रीतो राघवः प्रयतात्मवान् ।।28।।हे महाबाहो ! इसी क्षण तुम रावण का वध कर सकोगे, इस प्रकार मुनि अगस्त्य जिस प्रकार आये थे उसी प्रकार लौट गए।
तब इस प्रकार [अगस्त्य मुनि का उपदेश ] सुनकर महातेजस्वी राम जी का शोक दूर हो गया, प्रसन्न और प्रयत्नशील होकर।।Asmin Kssanne Mahaa-Baaho Raavannam Tvam Vadhissyasi |
Evam-Uktvaa Tato-[A]gastyo Jagaama Ca Yatha[a-A]agatam ||27||

27.1: (Salutations to the Sun God) At the right moment (very soon), O (Rama) of Mighty Arms, You will slay Ravana,
27.2: Having said thus, sage Agastya then went back in the manner he came,Etac-Chrutvaa Mahaa-Tejaah Nasstta-Shoko-[A]bhavat-Tadaa |
Dhaarayaamaasa Supriito Raaghavah Prayata-[A]atmavaan ||28||

28.1: (Salutations to the Sun God) Hearing this (Aditya Hridayam), (Sri Rama) of great Splendour, then became free from all worries,
28.2: Raghava, of Pious heart, then assumed a delightful appearance,

आदित्यं प्रेक्ष्य जप्त्वा तु परं हर्षमवाप्तवान् ।

Friendship is a beautiful thing through which people are united by trust, loyalty, and shared experience together. Some intriguing insight that astrology can give is on those dependable souls on whom we may call our closest friends and partners in crime when looking out for ultimate companions. Let’s explore the zodiac to discover the top five signs known for their trustworthiness:

1. Taurus

A person who is always there with whatever you need. That would be Taurus: steadfast, reliable, down to earth, set on security and steadiness in friends. This takes time and real connection, but when you do, you’ve gained a friend for life. They shall not leave you in the problems or adversity but shall stand for your support. For Taurians, it’s all about routine and comfort. Their friendships are very much into traditions and activities among them and their close circle of friends.

2. Cancer

Cancers are the ultimate nurturers of the zodiac. Big hearts and depths of emotions make them reliable to be confident in as a friend. They are real listeners, offering you understanding through good times and support through bad times. If you have the desire to be heard or vented to, call a Cancer, and he will tell you the best kind of friends. They’ll be there with open arms and loving words to cheer you up. Cancers are very intuitive and can easily pick up on your emotions.

3. Libra

They are a diplomat to the core, always working toward harmony in their relationships. They will see both sides of the story and work towards a solution that has everyone finding it. But Libras are more than just mediators. They are your greatest fans. They will celebrate your wins, and if you fall, be there to pick you up. Incredibly social people, Libras never feel out of place in any crowd. These are the kind of people that love the idea of being able to bring people together and have a real sense of community within their friends.

4. Scorpio

There’s a reason Scorpios are often seen as mysterious. These are ferociously faithful friends who guard your secrets with their lives and trust very rarely. If you have gained their trust, then you have won a very powerful alie. Scorpios are passionate, honest to a fault. With them, you know your deepest secrets are safe and your loyalty is appreciated. Scorpios develop deep friendships that are more meaningful because they value genuineness in emotional relationships. They are ready to keep deep talks on the most critical issues and things since any of their topics can become thrilling.

5. Capricorn

Capricorns are the reliable friends you can always count on.

They bring an element of practicality to the friends associated with them, making sure they are more loyal and reliable than simply friends. Their unwavering determination and steady support of any friend circle that they belong to.

In a world that changes from one day to the next, Capricorns come with the structure and sense of security needed for this place. They are the friends who will make sure you have done your job or study with you if need be or simply listen. Full of goals and ambitions. They usually tend to work towards what they enjoy in the company of friends. 


Although daily astrology may give a clue on the potential compatibility of friends, firming up the relationship requires mutual efforts. Some of the building blocks for any lasting friendship include effective communication, shared experiences, and mutual respect. Realizing and nurturing the strength each of your friends brings forth by creating a good atmosphere for the three elements is likely to build a network of real friends who can be relied upon, each playing their part for mutual benefits. So the next time you need a good friend, look at some of the zodiac signs above. Do keep in mind, though, that astrology is only a guide. The idea is to invest time and energy in all your friendships, valuing what makes every friend irreplaceable. Well, remember, astrology is very broad and important.

Here are five of them, and they give you tips on who your own zodiac sign should be friends with and who you should really avoid. Curious which zodiac sign is yours, and maybe you’re interested in getting to know an accurate daily horoscope? So, if you are a fire sign (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), maybe you are seeking another fire sign that will give you good company or when you want to have. Or if you are an earth sign (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn), maybe you would be a friendly companion for another earth sign, reflecting your interest in online horoscope insight. However, the beauty of friendship, much like the insights from daily astrology, is that it could never really be completely mapped out through zodiacal signs. Be ready for all the surprises a friend might bring your way.

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