Horoscope of Shri Krishna


Acharya Raghavji Sarasvati


Today on occasion of Janamastami, we present the Birth Chart of Lord Shri Krishna.
Lagna has exalted Moon in Rohini Nakshatra , pleasing and attractive personality.
4th Lord in its own house aspected by 12th lord Mother in prison, as he was also born in jail.
9th Lord in 6th house aspecting the 12th house indicates his father was in jail at his time of birth.
Saturn in 6th destroyes enemies since his childhood. Rahu is in 6th house destroys the Rakshasa’s and all infernal beings.

Rahu and Saturn together performing miracles.
7th and 8th Lords exalted aspecting each other Mahayogi.

Jupiter 11th Lord in 3rd house is the youngest child, it’s aspected by mars and Saturn all children born before him died.

6th Lord also represent uncle is in 4th house ,aspected by Mars which is 7th lord ,which denotes war also, fight ; and his 10th lord in the 6th shows his killing Kansa.

The 3rd house of Updesha has exalted Jupiter, 5th Lord exalted in its own house, Supreme knowledge Geeta Gyaan.
Ketu in 12th house Moksh karaka return to Vaikunth Dham.

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