Horoscope of Abhay Charan De; Shri Srila Prabhupada

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Acharya Raghavji Sarasvati

Horoscope of Abhay Charan De; Shri Srila Prabhupada founder of ISCKON International Society for Krishna Consciousness.
His Lagna lord is exalted in 10th forming Shasha Mahapurusha Yoga.
Moon is in Kendra from Jupiter Gaja-Kesari Yoga.
Shankha Yoga is formed as 5th Lord and the 6th lord in mutual Kendras and the Lagna lord are strong. The person is kind-hearted, virtuous, learned, blessed with a spouse and children, morally sound, versed in sacred scriptures, owns lands, and enjoys prosperity and lives up to 81 years. The person has the authority to discipline or punish.

Religious knowledge and Dharma :
5th lord Venus conjunct exalted 9th lord Mercury in 9th house. In Mahadasha of Mercury, Venus Antardasha he took Sannyasa.
The 5th house is 9th house from the 9th ,The 9th house is 5th house from the 5th .

Hence their conjunction forms a Dharma Spiritual Yoga , and a person is initiated by a Spiritual Guru.
In D20 Chart for Spiritual Progress Venus is aspecting Mercury.
In D5 Mercury is exalted in Lagna and Venus is in own house 9th house, he became world famous.
Japadhyana Samadhi Yoga The lord of the Navamsha sign containing the 10th lord is strong; Venus is in 11th house in Navamsa : and there is a mutual link or Sambandha between the lord of the 9th and the lord of the 10th house; 9th Lord Mercury & 10th Lord Venus are together in the 9th .
He was engaged in meditation and spiritual pursuits.

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