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Astrology by Date of Birth

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Dated : 24-08-2020.

Maharishi Jaimini has mentioned if Swamsa Lagna, its Lord has relation with Sun & Venus, the native will represent the government, as chief of their departments.
We shall examine this aspect by PAC, P (Position) A (Aspect) C (Conjunction) method.

1. Gina Haspel Director of Central Intelligence Agency, USA.
Born 1st Oct 1956: 4; 58: Ashland, Kansas, USA.
Swamsa Lagna is Scorpio, Sun is in the 7th house directly aspecting the Ascendant, Mars the Lagna lord is with Venus in 6th house.
Family problems is reflected in birth chart ; as Saturn is in 4th house & retro Mars is in the 7th house and there is mutual exchange between the two.
Work: the lord of 3rd courage, 8th;( lord of 10th house in Navamsa of Mars and with Mars in 6th house of enemies) spying, and 12th foreign country are in the Ascendant making it strong. Lords of 11th 1st & 2nd house is in 2nd; vast resources at her disposal.
Karma Siddhi Yoga:
In birth chart lord of the 10th house is in the Lagna, in conjunction with a benefic.
Her work will bear positive results. She will be of shy nature and avoid speaking in front of large crowd of people.
Jaiminiastro uses scientific methods of deductions, and it’s possible, with our knowledge, to identify object, its form, direction, location, and, time an event upto 2 Vighati.

2. Henry Kissinger Former Secretary of State USA.
Born 27th May 1923:05; 30: Furth, Hessen, Germany.
His Swamsa Lagna is Virgo ; Sun and Moon aspect each other by Jaimini rasi aspect , the ascedent lord is in rasi of Venus & and directly aspects Mars ; Sun is in sign of Mars exalted.
Long life combination: In the birth chart 6th lord Venus is in 12th house, and 8th lord Jupiter retro in 6th house.
This combination is an indication of a long life span up to 100 years.
In his chart another aspect written by Maharishi Jaimini is fruitfied , the first house from Atameshwar has Moon , and its lord is Mercury in the 9th house , and the 7th house has Jupiter in it.Such person may hold high political and government authority. This is apparent , as more than 10 presidents have come and gone but he is still active in resolving domestic and international issues.

3. Mark Esper Secretary of Defence USA.
Born 26th April 1964: 8; 19: Uniontown, Pennsylvania, USA.
Swamsa ascendant is Pisces, Venus aspects it directly from 7th house,
and ascendant lord Jupiter is with Sun in 5th house.

4.Mike Pompeo Secretary of State USA.
Born 30th Dec’1963: 13; 32: Orange, California, USA.
His Swamsa Lagna is Virgo, its lord Mercury aspects Venus in 9th house directly from the 3rd. Sun is in Kendra from Mercury & Venus.

5.Late Zbigniew Brzezinski Former Secretary of State USA.
Born 28th March 1928: 10; 15: Berezany, Ternopil, Ukraine
The Swamsa Lagna is Virgo its lord Mercury is with Venus in 7th house, which directly aspects the Lagna, and Sun is in 3rd house in Scorpio, its Lord Mars is in ascendant aspecting Mercury & Venus.
Jaimini Sutra’s written thousands of years back are correct, Jaiminiastro uses scientific methods, and accurate deduction may be drawn, using our methods.
We can provide logical solutions to most complex problems.

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