Chaturmas 2020

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Chaturmas Four Sacred months :-

Chaturmas begin on July 16 2020 Krittika Nakshatra, Tithi Ekadashi which is a day devoted to Vishnu. This period ends in the month of Kartik on 26 Nov 2020 Prabodhini Ekadashi also known as Dev Diwali day. The sun enters the zodiacal sign of and begins to move south of the celestial sphere Dakshinayana, in the month of Ashadh.

During these months, Vishnu, the ruler of the universe, falls into deep sleep, this is the time of his rest on the sleeps on the Shaiya of Sheshanag. Shiva during the course of Chaturmas performs the duties of Vishnu and seeks to cleanse the Earth of negative energy. He grants protection to the righteous, and punishes sinners.

During this period, we do not perform weddings, celebrations, ceremonies. It is not recommended to purchase real estate or vehicles, open a new business, and enter into large transactions. Also in Chaturmasa, one should not be disturbed by the requests to the devatas such as Ganesha, Indra, and so on, because they too are resting.
Chaturmas is a very favorable period for spiritual practice, austerities, and keeping vows. At this time, mass pilgrimages are made to the most inaccessible places. The last month, Kartika, is especially favorable, as it is dedicated to the beloved of Krishna – Radha.

The rules of observing Chaturmas: 1 month – do not eat Saag, spinach and any leafy vegetables (salad, cabbage, green dhaniya, and so on); 2 month – do not consume yogurt; 3 month – do not consume milk; 4 month – do not eat sesame seeds and mustard. The whole period we do not eat tomatoes, eggplant and honey & non veg food.
The results of some vows in Chaturmas :-
Abstaining from salt gives a pleasant voice;
Refusal of oil gives long life, beautiful body, prosperity, victory over enemies and increased offspring;
Refusal of boiled food gives an impeccable character;
Refusal of hot food gives a long life to posterity;
keeping fast gives you the opportunity to communicate with the Absolute Truth (Almighty);
A vow of silence gives the undeniable power of speech;
Eating once a day gives the result of havan (fire sacrifice);
Daily bathing saves from diseases;
Abstaining to drink water for 6 hours heals the body;
He who practices the service of God gains happiness and goes to the spiritual world.

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