Birth Chart of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu (1486-1533) With ref. To President Donald Trump

Acharya Raghavji Sarasvati

Chaitanya Mahaprabhu was a Sanyasi and founder of Gaudiya Vaishnavism. He may have been an inspiration for the ISKCON Society. Here we are analysing an aspect of his Birth Chart with reference to President Donald Trump’s Chart. In his chart we see Lagna as Simbha with Moon and Ketu & in 7 th house we see Sun and Rahu in Kumbha. It is mentioned that he was on pilgrimage and visiting his devotees in the east .When he returned home he was informed about death of his wife Laxmipriya from snake-bite. His second marriage was to Vishnupriya Astrologically Sun & Rahu together may cause snake bite as the combination was in 7th house his wife died from it.

Now let us examine this aspect in President Donald Trump’s Birth Chart they have same lagna Simbha , Ketu and Moon are in 4th house in Vrischika and Sun and Rahu are in 10th house in Vrishabha. In modern terms snake bite can also be taken as poison, given by a wrong injection, or reaction to a certain medicine, or being infected with a virus or other biological agent, food poisoning. This will suffice for precautionary measures. Both were born on full Moon day when there was Lunar eclipse a total eclipse occurred on Saturday 18 February, 1486 , & on Friday 14 June, 1946.An event in life of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is hinted in his horoscope. His body was found in a fisherman’s net, and handed him over to his disciples, who came looking for him.

The sign in 8th house is Meen (fish) Pisces , its lord Jupiter in 5th house aspects the 11th Gaimini whose lord Mercury is also lord of the 2nd Marak Sthan , and its positioned in 8th house Pisces watery sign , drowning in fisherman’s net, his followers claim that he was still alive and was revived.In case of His Divine Holiness the 7th and 8th lord are in Kendra and Trikona Super Sublimation, the 4th lord & 6th Lord Rashi Parivatana, Saturn in 4th Vairagya, 5th Lord is in 5th Supreme Knowledge. In Lord Krishna’s Birth Chart 5th lord is exalted Geeta Gyaan. Also the combination Sun Moon with Rahu and Ketu in Lagna & 7th house.As per Esoteric Astrology, under such astrological combinations, the Sthoola Sharira, Sukshama Sharira & Karan Sharira are merged; Jatak is totally in Super Conscious state. His Moon was in Nrityalipsa Avastha, so he was always dancing in divine ecstasy of Lord Krishna.

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