Birth Chart of Gaurakisora Dasa Babaji

Acharya Raghavji Sarasvati

Birth Chart of Gaurakisora Dasa Babaji Guru of Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Thakura Founder of Gaudiya Math.
There is clear connection between 5th & 9th Lord , The 5th house is 9th house from the 9th ,The 9th house is 5th house from the 5th .
Both are in the 7th house. The 4th from 9th is the Guru’s Ashram, the 3rd house; 4th from 12th; signifies the final result of the natives stay at his Gurus ashram.
So the 5th lord, 3rd, 12th 9th all coming together in the 7th house signify high Spiritual Level.

The 4th house from Lagna, as we know, signifies the conditions at close of life.
Lagna indicates our physical body whilst 4th from this shows the final result, the 12th & 7th Lord Mars in 4th house shows he fulfilled the purpose of this stay at his Guru’s ashram.
The 2nd and 5th house is also connected, as their Lord Mercury is same; also placed in 7th house.
The 4th from 2nd which is the 5th house of religious literary pursuits and achievement, 2nd signifies education,
Spiritual books, or discourse from these, written or in verbal form: as the 2nd house also represent Vak Speech, will show the result of their efforts expressed through spreading the word of God.
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