Top 5 Gemstones for Money: Best Online Gemstone Store in India

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India, a land of vibrant culture and rich heritage, has always held gemstones in high regard. These precious stones are not just beautiful adornments but are also believed to possess astrological and healing properties. With the rise of e-commerce, buying online gemstones has become increasingly popular. However, navigating the vast online marketplace can be daunting. This blog post will guide you through the top 5 gemstones, including the popular red coral gemstone, that offer great value for money and introduce you to JaiminiAstro, one of the best online gemstone stores in India.

Why Buy Gemstones Online from the Best Online Gemstone Store in India?

There are several advantages to buying online gemstones online through JaiminiAstro, a trusted best online gemstone store in India:  

  • Wider Selection: JaiminiAstro offers a vast collection of gemstones, including red coral gemstones, compared to physical stores. You can find rare and exotic stones that might not be available in your local market.
  • Competitive Prices: JaiminiAstro strives to offer competitive prices on gemstones online buy, ensuring you get the best value for your money. This makes them a great choice for anyone looking for affordable gemstones.
  • Convenience: You can browse and purchase gemstones from the comfort of your home at any time through JaiminiAstro’s user-friendly online store.
  • Greater Transparency: JaiminiAstro provides detailed information about the gemstones they sell, including origin, treatments, and certifications, ensuring you make informed decisions.

Top 5 Gemstones for Money

When choosing gemstones, consider not just their astrological significance or beauty, but also their value for money. Here are our top 5 picks, including the popular red coral gemstone, all available at the best online gemstone store in India like JaiminiAstro:

1. Citrine: Often referred to as the “merchant’s stone,” citrine is a yellow variety known for attracting wealth and prosperity. It’s a relatively affordable gemstone with a beautiful golden hue, making it a great choice for everyday wear.
2. Garnet: Available in a variety of colors like red, orange, and green, garnet is a popular and versatile gemstone. It’s known for its symbolic association with love, passion, and protection. Garnets are generally affordable, making them a great entry point for those new to gemstone jewelry. 
3. Amethyst: This stunning violet gemstone is believed to promote peace, clarity, and intuition. Amethyst is widely available and comes in various price ranges depending on its quality and size. You can find beautiful amethyst pieces at a reasonable cost at JaiminiAstro, the best online gemstone store in India.
4. Moonstone: With its mesmerizing adularescence sheen, moonstone is a gemstone associated with intuition, emotional balance, and new beginnings. Moonstone is a relatively affordable gemstone with a unique and captivating appearance, and JaiminiAstro, the best online gemstone store in India, offers a wide selection to choose from.
5. Red Coral Gemstone: Also known as “Moonga” in Hindi, red coral is a popular gemstone believed to possess astrological significance and healing properties. It’s associated with the planet Mars and is thought to bring courage, confidence, and success. JaiminiAstro, the best online gemstone store in India, offers high-quality red coral gemstones at competitive prices.
Red Coral Gemstone

Benefits of Owning a Red Coral Gemstone

While all the gemstones mentioned offer great value, red coral possesses unique properties that make it a compelling choice:
  • Astrological Significance: In Vedic astrology, red coral is associated with the planet Mars, symbolizing courage, passion, and determination. It is believed to balance the malefic effects of Mars, bringing positivity and strength.
  • Healing Properties: Red coral is believed to have various healing benefits, including improving blood circulation, boosting energy levels, and strengthening bones and joints.  It is important to note that these claims are not backed by scientific evidence.

Where to Buy Red Coral Gemstone Online

If you’re looking for a high-quality red coral gemstone at a competitive price, JaiminiAstro is the perfect destination. Here’s why you should choose JaiminiAstro, the best online gemstone store in India, for your red coral gemstone needs:

  • Authenticity Guaranteed: JaiminiAstro sources its red coral gemstones directly from reliable sources and ensures they are certified by independent gemological labs. This guarantees you receive a genuine and ethically sourced online gemstone.
  • Variety of Options: JaiminiAstro, the best online gemstone store in India, offers a wide variety of red coral gemstones in different sizes, shapes, and qualities. You can find the perfect red coral to suit your style and budget.
  • Expert Advice: JaiminiAstro’s friendly and knowledgeable staff can provide expert advice on choosing the right red coral gemstone for your astrological needs or preferences.


Buying gemstones online from the best online gemstone store in India like Jaiminiastro can be a rewarding experience. With their wide selection of high-quality gemstones, including red coral, competitive prices, and exceptional customer service, JaiminiAstro is your one-stop shop for all your gemstone needs. Visit today to browse our collection and start your gemstone journey.

Additional Tips for Finding the Best Online Gemstone Store in India

  • Read customer reviews: Look for online reviews of different best online gemstone stores in India to get insights from other customers.
  • Compare prices: Don’t be afraid to compare prices between different best online gemstone stores in India before making a purchase.
  • Return policy: Make sure the best online gemstone store in India you choose has a clear and hassle-free return policy in case you are not satisfied with your purchase.

By following these tips, you can be sure to find a reputable online gemstone store in India that offers high-quality gemstones at competitive prices.


Absolutely! Jaiminiastro only sells genuine, natural gemstones. All our stones are certified by independent gemological labs, ensuring authenticity and quality.

To keep your gemstones looking their best, JaiminiAstro recommends following these general care tips:

  • Store your gemstones in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and heat.
  • Clean your gemstones with a soft, damp cloth and mild soap. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners.
  • Take off your gemstone jewelry before showering, swimming, or exercising, as certain chemicals and activities can damage the stones.
  • Have your gemstones professionally cleaned and inspected every few years to maintain their brilliance.

Red coral is generally safe to wear for most people. However, some people may experience skin irritation due to its  nature. If you have sensitive skin, it’s advisable to do a patch test before wearing red coral jewelry for extended periods.

Here are some key factors to consider when buying a red coral gemstone online  from the best online gemstone store in India like JaiminiAstro:

  • Reputation of the seller: Choose a reputable seller like Jaiminiastro who offers genuine gemstones and prioritizes customer satisfaction.
  • Gemstone certification: Ensure the red coral is certified by a reputable gemological laboratory.
  • Color: Red coral comes in a variety of shades, from light orange-red to deep blood red. Choose a color that appeals to you.
  • Clarity: Look for red coral with minimal blemishes or inclusions.
  • Cut: The cut of the red coral will affect its sparkle and brilliance.
  • Price: Red coral gemstones can vary in price depending on the factors mentioned above. 
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