Rishi Sunak

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Paramhansa Daivagya Srimant Raghavji Saraswati

Born under 11 Drekkana : 10 to 20 degrees of Cancer. ; Not so auspicious. Sadesati : 2 Sade sati running. Raja Sambandha Yoga The 10th lord from Lagna is conjunct or aspected by the dispositor of the Amatyakaraka or conjunct or aspected by the Amatyakaraka itself (Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra 42/1). The person will attain a high governmental position. Amatyakaraka Sun in 28:11 of Kritika , in Rasi Parivartan with the 10 with the 10 Lord Mars. Atmakara Moon in 29:30 degrees of Revati has attained Vargotamamsa.

Sun and Mercury; between Aries 26b degrees and 40 minutes to 30 degrees ; and Saturn in Leo :have attained Pushkar Navamsa in Sagittarius Sun exalted in 10 Raj Yoga Guru giving drishti to Budh in 10 house & Moon in Pices in Navamsa in Kendra from Jupiter. There is no question will be a great politician showing prowess in his field, and he will follow the footsteps of politicians like, J F Kennedy, A. Lincoln etc.
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