The Activation of Chakras Part 3


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Manipura: How to activate the third chakra

Physical Yogic exercise : Paripurna Navasana

In the present world a person can activate up to the 3 Chakra by regular practice, while living with family.

Above this special practice is required like ShatChakra Bhedana, Shushumna Kriya etc., which one should not try on his own, but only under guidance of an initiated Guru, as beyond this Level it’s practically impossible to go ahead on one’s own. Unless Jatak has done Dhyaan, and Sadhana practice in previous life, and the memory is revived from the Shukshma Sharira. The main part is Dhyaan & Sadhna Practice.
The third chakra Manipura is near the Solar Plexus. It has a yellow color and is responsible for external achievements and implementation in society. In men, it is active and rotates to the right in a healthy state, while in women it is passive and rotates to the left.
Signs of a weak or malfunctioning sacral chakra:

  • Insecurity in oneself and one’s strengths;
  • Inability to set goals and achieve results;
  • Pride and inability to soberly assess their capabilities;
  • Strong attachment to performance;
  • Work for money, not for its intended purpose, without an idea;
  • Power lust and arrogance;
  • The desire to achieve their goals by any means, misunderstanding the laws of karma;
  • cowardice;
  • Laziness, lack of willpower;
  • Inability to keep your word.

The governing planet of the third chakra is Mars. The zodiac signs associated with this chakra are Aries and Scorpio. By the quality of Mars and by what planets are in the signs of Aries and Scorpio in the horoscope, the strength and quality of the functioning of Manipura is determined. The Sun and Ketu in this chakra reach their maximum strength.

Methods of activating Manipura Chakra:

  • Social implementation for the purpose of serving the community;
  • Setting and achieving goals, drawing up a work plan for different periods from day one to a lifetime;
  • Development of will power;
  • Developing an understanding of one’s Spiritual purpose ; (to do this, contact an astrologer);
  • Development of selflessness in activity (acting not for oneself);
  • Environmentally friendly activities (without violating the laws of dharma);
  • The correct daily routine in accordance with the laws of the time.

This chakra is turned on at the age of 15 years and is most active until the 21st year. At the age of 15, when the maturation of the person ends in the second – the sexual chakra, the child ceases to be a child and declares to his parents: “Do not teach me how to live; now I am my own master.” Now parents must learn to be their child’s friends; otherwise he will not listen to them”.

The period of Manipura is a period when a person needs independence and seeks to realize himself in society. It is very important that by this age, education is completed.
If in childhood up to 15 years old spiritual and moral values, knowledge about how to control your feelings ,and ,correctly build relationships with other people, are not laid in a person, then the period from 15 to 21 years turns into a series of continuous mistakes and unhappiness.
Modern popular culture, aimed primarily at the corruption of young people, and ,the destruction of unstable minds of children, is perhaps more degrading for society than any weapon developed so Far.
And to protect the child from this degrading influence is almost impossible, young children’s precious time is wasted on useless online violent games, and other mentally degrading activities. That is why it is very important to give children the right Spiritual Knowledge, and moral values in advance so that their mind is strong & stable.

It’s equally important to contact an astrologer in advance to determine the individual purpose of the child, so that later he finds satisfaction in his studies and activities, because only in this case it is possible to protect him from being overwhelmed by the unhealthy trends of Kaliyug.

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