2013 Solar Maximum and Uttarakhand Floods

2013 Uttarakhand floods :-

2013 was year of Solar Maximum in 11-12 years Cycle , a temporary dam had build up in the Himalayas , due to heavy rains and cloud burst it gave way on 16 June 2013 .

The sudden gush of enormous amounts of water washed away hotels, houses etc., built near the river bed. It killed thousands of humans & animals. Shifting of Dhari Davi Temple of MahaKali The original temple of the goddess was demolished on June 16, 2013, to give way to the construction of a Hydro Electric Dam. Against the religious sentiments of local people and warnings by many learned people. Within hours after the idol was moved, the region faced what would become one of the country’s worst natural disasters. It was caused by a multi-day resulting in devastating floods and landslides washing away the entire shrine town and killing thousands of people.

Locals and devotees believe, Uttarakhand had to face the Goddess’ ire as she was shifted from her ‘Mool Sthan’ (original abode) to make way for a hydel project that was left in ruins after the flood The new temple has now been constructed at its original location & the Deity placed there, the height of the temple has been raised so that it stands above the water level of Alaknanda River.
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